PHOTO CAPTION: Ranger Rover electric car apparently would be based on Evoque model.

Ranger Rover Announces Evoque_e Electric SUV Project

New electric Range Rover project would include consortium of gov't stakeholders, suppliers and universities, and run for two years.

Published: 05-Sep-2013

At the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show next week Land Rover will show off new hybrid versions of its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs, but the company isn’t slowing the pace of its green car development as it has announced today it is spearheading a new research project looking to further develop hybrid and electric car technology. The new research project has been dubbed “Evoque_e” and includes not only Jaguar Land Rover but also relevant industry groups, suppliers and universities. There’s also some funding from the British government via its Technology Strategy Board.

The Evoque_e project will run for two years and look at developing new hybridand all-electric technology, using the Range Rover Evoque platform. A similar project dubbed “Range_e” led to the Range Rover hybrids being launched next week, so if Evoque_e proves successful we could be looking at a new hybrid or possibly even an electric Range Rover Evoque being launched in the near future.

Starting next month, Evoque_e researchers will design, develop and build three electrified prototypes: a mild hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a battery-powered electric. They will be used to develop electric motors, single and multi-speed axle drives, advanced control development and torque vectoring, battery packs and integrated power electronics.


Land Rover Range-e prototype plug-in hybrid.

The prototype Range_e uses a 3.0-liter V-6 coupled to a 69kW electric motor pumping its electricity from a 14.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Land Rover Electric Defender demonstrates ability to handle off-road conditions.

All-Terrain Electric Defender is powered by 70kW electric motor and 300V lithium-ion battery with 27kWh capacity, giving it a range of more than 50 miles.

Land Rover Electric Defender pulling visitor trams at Eden Project.

All-electric Land Rover 4x4 is being tested at Eden Project near St Austell in Cornwall and has a range of 50 miles, plus a 12.5 mile reserve.


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