PHOTO CAPTION: Kevin Clemens with one of his two electric motorcycles at Bonneville Salt Flats in 2013.

Electric Motorcycle Breaks Speed Record, But...

98.7 mph wasn't fast enough to beat Purdue University team's 110+ mph, but Minnesotan did set national record for 300-kilogram electric sidecar class.

Published: 05-Sep-2013

Kevin Clemens' electric motorcycle -- dubbed "The Fabulous Photon Torpedo" -- raced through the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah at 98.7 mph last week.

Clemens' speed was much higher than the previous national record speed of 68.8 mph, but it wasn't fast enough to beat the speeds posted by Purdue University in the altered, partially streamlined class using 150-kilogram (330-pound) electric motorcycles.

Purdue's team, which used a state-of-the-art water-cooled prototype motor, hit between 110 and 115 mph, Clemens said.

EV World will be interviewing Kevin Clemens via Skype. Watch for it here on EV World.


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