Turbo Diesels, Electric Cars About to Obsolete Gasoline Engines

Richard Read sees turbo-diesels and electric drive systems as the new norm in the auto industry.

Published: 20-Sep-2013

By most accounts, the conventional gasoline engine's days are numbered. Long before electric cars become commonplace, automakers expect to wean themselves off gas-powered powerplants, replacing them with fuel-efficient alternatives.

On Monday, Ford's Joe Bakaj told Detroit News that the time is coming when most Ford vehicles will come with either a diesel or an EcoBoost engine, the latter of which relies on turbocharging, direct injection, and other innovations to wring mileage from every drop of gas.

Then on Tuesday, Volkswagen said essentially the same thing, claiming that within three or four years, every vehicle in VW's lineup will be either a turbo or a diesel.


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