PHOTO CAPTION: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with Venturi Automobiles president Gildo Pastor at unveiling of Venturi VBB-3 electric vehicle.

World's Most Powerful Electric Vehicle Must Wait Until 2014 to Break Its Own Record

The 2,200kW Venturi VBB-3 had planned to break its own record at Bonneville, but torrential rains forced event organizers to cancel the event.

Published: 23-Sep-2013

The presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife, Princess Charlene, wasn't enough to dissuade Mother Nature from turning the great salt flats around Wendover, Utah into a lake that made speed record attempts impossible, unless you were a powerboat.

The sovereign head of the Principality of Monaco was on hand for the official unveiling of the re-powered Venturi VBB-3, the all-electric streamliner that set the current FIA-sanctioned land speed record at 495 km/h (307 mph) in 2010. This third generation vehicle, powered by a 2,200kW (2,950 hp) electric drive system and 3,000V battery pack, was built as a continuation of collaboration between Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles and Ohio State University with the objective of going faster than 600 km/h (372 mph).

Venturi, along with Drayson Racing, will have to wait until 2014 to get another chance to set new records.

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Venturi CEO Gildo Pastor at wheel of limited production America electric 'buggy.'

The Venturi America has a lightweight carbon composite chassis that's motivated by an advanced 53 kWh lithium-ion battery pack for an impressive range of 186 miles.

Venturi's twin solar-powered cars: Astrolab (foreground), Eclectic (background).

While sunlight isn't intense enough - thankfully - to directly power a car, here are three applications of solar power on motor vehicles.

Venturi's Gildo Pastor (left) discusses route of Mission Africa electric car challenge to Prince Albert II (right).

Monaco's Prince Albert II proves a strong ally for electric-drive technology.


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