PHOTO CAPTION: LIncoln MKZ Hybrid similar to that reviewed by the author.

One Reviewer Finds MKZ Hybrid A Test Drive 'Dud'

Test drive of MKZ Hybrid finds it, in the reviewer's opinion, under-powered and the design 'muddled.'

Published: 01-Oct-2013

I drive dozens of new cars every year, and while vehicles are safer, more comfortable and largely more efficient than ever before, there are still plenty of duds.

For a more favorable review of the MKZ Hybrid see Mark Phelan's report in the Detroit Free Press.

Some are failures of vision or execution, while others fail to connect on an emotional level. Even very good cars are beset by mysterious rattles or foibles that belie their advanced technologies.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a new car which falls short on too many levels. I spent a number of wearisome days with the 2014 four-door sedan, and it didn’t fill me with hope for Ford’s upscale brand, now called the Lincoln Motor Company.


2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid comes with a sticker price of $41K.

Mark Phelan finds the fuel economy, technology, features and price 'just right' on the 2013 LIncoln MKZ luxury hybrid.


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