PHOTO CAPTION: Camouflaged Kia Soul EV prototypes

Kia Plans Electric Version of Soul

Redesigned 2014 Soul will be available as an electric car in selected markets, which usually translates into California and related ZEV-mandate states.

Published: 02-Oct-2013

Kia annnounced today at a drive event for the redesigned 2014 Soul that coming next year will be an all Electrified Version of the boxy city car.

The car would be Kia first all electric vehicle. It's only electrified vehicle now is the hybrid version of its Optima mid-size sedan.

Kia said the new 2014 Soul's EV model would have some additional exterior tweaks to improve aerodynamics and to have enough diffferences that your neighbors will know your Sould is the electric model.


Kia RayEV electric car concept.

Autocar reports, without additional details, that the all-electric car will be based on the the next-generation Kia Soul.

Kia Ray EV will be replaced by Kia Soul EV.

Kia says it will sell the Soul EV will be sold globally and will expected to have a range of 200 km and top speed of 140 km/h

Kia Ray EV, one of 184 deployed around South Korean capital.

As of May 24, 15,000 Seoul residents, mainly in their 20s and 30s, have registered for the program.


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