PHOTO CAPTION: Haibike AMT Pro electric mountain bike

Canary Islands Holiday Converts Britisher Into E-Bike Evangelist

Ian Morton spent 25 years as an interior decorator and now runs electric-assist bicycle business in Britain.

Published: 08-Oct-2013

“YOU should try an engine,” I said, grinning broadly as I powered past the exhausted cyclist who was struggling up one of Yorkshire’s steepest hills.

This being a family newspaper, I couldn’t possibly publish his louder-than-expected, two-word reply.

Still, his lack of enthusiasm didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the electric bicycle as I topped the Chevin in record time.


Vollmer Faraday Porteur E-bike runs $3,800.

Vollmer decided his bike could do with a battery that was good for 15 or 20 miles, enough juice for cruising around town during the week.

Electric-assist bicycle photographed recently in Italy by Sally Anderson.

Renewable energy company Enel Green Power SpA expects 50,000 electric bicycles to be sold overall in Italy in 2012.

Bridgeport Assista electric-assist bicycle.

Assista electric-assist bicycle includes seats for infants and young children.


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