PHOTO CAPTION: Some electric drive vehicles like this Fiat 500e electric car are only available for lease and only in California..

Buy or Lease Electric Car? Which Works Best For You?

Jeff Cobb works through the numbers and offers his perspective on which approach makes most economic sense.

Published: 01-Nov-2013

When the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf were launched in December 2010 as the first of the new generation of mainstream-priced plug-in cars, some early adopters were prepared to ante up full price and more, and they made sure that they purchased, avoiding a lease.

Leasing was offered and some consumers went that route, but some EV advocates stung by the memory of General Motors’ lease-only EV-1s – crushed in the early 2000s after they’d been recalled – opted to buy.

This minority line of thinking may still linger for a few, but really, the proverbial horses are out of the corral. While internet “trolls” will occasionally drop in on and ominously declare disdain and hatred for GM and the Volt, and claim insiders told them GM is thinking of discontinuing it, the Volt remains available for lease or purchase – and a second-generation model is due also.


Ford C-Max Hybrids and Energi electric hybrids roll off assembly line in Wayne, Michigan.

Director of Pew Clean Energy Program Phyllis Cuttino asserts that for the United States to compete effectively in the rapidly expanding clean energy sector and reduce dependence on foreign oil, we must adopt national policies that will spur private investment in technologies such as PEV.

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Kurt Cobb writes that burning oil is the equivalent of burning Picassos for heat; the molecules are too valuable to waste the way we are.

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Green cars designs are ditching their “eat your vegetables” persona when it comes to styling.


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