PHOTO CAPTION: Renault Kangoo ZE electric delivery van.

UK Study: Electric Vehicles Can Save Fleets 75% On Fuel Costs

Victoria Knowles reports on UK's Energy Saving Trust study of several fleets in and around London, England.

Published: 08-Nov-2013

According to a report published by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) earlier this year, businesses that make the swap to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles could cut the fuel costs of their fleet by 75%.

Private businesses like Fruit 4 London aren’t the only ones on board; local authorities like City of York Council are also experiencing the benefits.

Last year, the City of York Council adopted a low emissions strategy to help reduce emissions from greenhouse gases and local air pollutants. As transport is a key contributor to poor air quality, the council’s aim was to tackle the emissions in its own fleet, while also encouraging drivers in York to reduce theirs.


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