PHOTO CAPTION: In November, the Nissan LEAF was the top selling EV in Norway.

Electric Car Market Share Now 12% in Norway

Sales of Nissan LEAF electric cars, as well as Tesla Model S, continue to grow with more LEAFs being sold in Norway during November than VW Golfs.

Published: 04-Dec-2013

With its generous incentives for electrics and stiff taxes on petrol-powered cars, Norway continues to lead the world in the adoption of EVs. Of the 12,079 cars registered in November, 1,434 were electric drive. That is nearly 12 percent of the market.

Of the electric cars available in Norway, which is the home of the Kewit Buddy and birthplace of the ill-fated Th!nk EV, there is a 'horse race' of sorts taking place between Tesla and Nissan. According to Green Car Report, the Model S was the top selling car in Norway in September, capturing a 5.1% market share wit 616 units sold. By November, the LEAF had supplanted the Model S, selling 716 units for a 5.6 %.

While sales flagged slighted in October, last month they came roaring back with sales 57% higher than the previous period last year, and actually outselling hybrids.

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