PHOTO CAPTION: BMW i3 sales in Western Europe estimated at 400 units in November 2013.

BMW i3 Sales In Europe Off to Deliberately Slow Start

BMW said to be carefully pacing low volume production of its innovative urban electric car to avoid any embarrassment over any premature recalls.

Published: 20-Dec-2013

Despite a massive and expensive advertising campaign, not to mention the reported $2 billion cost of developing it, BMW’s new little i3 electric car is not exactly storming up the sales charts.

Experts say this is because BMW is nervous about the new technology involved in the i3, and is deliberately keeping production slow until it is confident it won’t be embarrassed by a recall induced by any failures.

News the i3 flunked a European safety test can’t have helped either. In a test in November the i3 performed poorly in pedestrian protection, and safety assistance systems, scoring four out of a possible five stars overall. Even cheap new models in Europe now regularly score five out of five in the EuroNCAP tests.


BWM i3 carbon fiber body shell

BMW and Toyota will also jointly develop lightweight carbon fiber technologies for vehicle bodies.

BMW i3 on display at 2013 North American International Auto Show.

Test drive of BMW's i3 finds it is 'shaping up to be a breakthrough electric car. It delivers dynamic thrills like no electric car before it. '

BMW i3 electric car.

The automaker found that range was only a problem with about 10 percent of daily trips, so it is planning to make available its conventional cars as temporary loaners for customers who buy the i3 electric car


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