PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla Model S range calculator will lose 3 miles for every mile driven when the heating system is on, reports CR.

Consumer Reports: A Year With the Tesla Model S

One year on and CR finds their 85kWh electric car loses a bit of driving range in winter and if left unplugged; they also feel the air conditioning system could be better.

Published: 29-Dec-2013

With a year of Tesla Model S ownership under our belt and 11,380 satisfying miles under its tires, we continue to be impressed, despite a few mild irritations.

Those who follow our car Ratings will remember that last spring the Model S earned a road-test score of 99 on our 100-point scale, making it the highest-rated car we’ve tested in the last five years.

Adding to the accolades, it got highest-ever marks in owner satisfaction in our latest annual auto survey, and it landed an Average reliability score based on the experiences of 637 CR subscribers who own one. That’s pretty darn good for an early production niche luxury vehicle from a California start-up company.
Tesla’s thoroughly rewarding driving experience, rocketlike launch feel, and supreme quietness might make you want to overlook any drawbacks, but a couple of notable quirks have emerged:


Tesla Model S can now be sold directly to buyers in Massachusetts, possibly sparking a revolution in automobile sales among other manufacturers.

Norfolk Superior Court dismisses Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association lawsuit trying to prevent 'direct-to-buyer' sales of Tesla electric vehicles.

Tesla Model X's most unusual feature is its Falcon Wing rear doors.

First unveiled in 2012, the Model X makes its first appearance at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Tesla Model S production line in Fremont, California.

400 unit per week production is more than Mercedes-Benz or BMW sells of their flagship S Class and 7 Series cars respectively in the United States.


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