PHOTO CAPTION: OSVehicle Tabby is an Open DIY electric car project.

OSVehicle Reveals Urban TABBY Electric Kit Car

Urban TABBY will be available in two and four-seat models with all electric or hybrid drivetrain for between €4000 to €6000 ($5445-$8168USD).

Published: 07-Jan-2014

For most of us, cars are something we buy, not build. Part of the reason for that is that each brand of vehicle has their own proprietary components, and building a car that's a hybrid of labels, or different year models isn't a simple endeavor (and might take 24 years, at least if you follow the recipe of Johnny Cash). Another reason is that many of us don't have the skillset or the tools to fabricate an entire vehicle, and kit cars can be quite expensive.

But what if there was a DIY vehicle platform that was not only affordable, but also street-legal, open source, and versatile, with the option for an electric drivetrain or an integrated hybrid engine? That might change the game entirely, at least for those of us who like tinkering and aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. And it's here.



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