PHOTO CAPTION: BWM i8 similar to that crashed, destroying the €200,000 electric hybrid sport coupe.

First BMW i8 Crashes on German Autobahn

German police said to believe 30 year-old test driver was driving too fast on the A92 Autobahn north of BMW headquarters in Munich.

Published: 21-Jan-2014

This is the first known crash of the new $136,00 BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, seen here cutting a forlorn figure on the side of a German Autobahn just days ago.

Wet conditions on the A92 Autobahn just north of the company’s headquarters in Munich caught out a 30-year-old BMW test driver, according to Total damage for the carbon fiber prototype is said to amount to 200,000 euros, with a further 50,000 euros-worth of damage to the Armco safety barriers. The exact cause of the crash isn’t known, at least publicly.

Judging from the ‘Sophisto Grey’ BMW i8’s deformed passenger side rear axle, the German police’s assumption that the test driver was travelling “ein bisserl zu schnell” is probably true. Travelling ‘a little too fast’ comes all too naturally in a 362hp BMW sports car, and isn’t helpful when approaching a roundabout, which is allegedly the case here.


BWM i3 carbon fiber body shell

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BMW i3 on display at 2013 North American International Auto Show.

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BMW i3 electric car.

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