PHOTO CAPTION: BMW i3 pricing in the USA will start at $42,275.

BMW Expecting US Demand for i3 Electric Car Will Outpace Supply

BMW already has 1,000 'hand-raisers' in North America who indicate they want to purchase the i3 compact electric car.

Published: 27-Jan-2014

NEW ORLEANS — Electric vehicles may only account for 10% of BMWs total U.S. sales a decade from now, but a top BMW executive says demand will outstrip supply this summer for the all-new i3 compact electric car.

There are already 1,000 hand-raisers for the small electric vehicle with a lightweight carbon fiber body that has already launched in Europe, said Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW North America. He was at the J.D. Power automotive conference Friday held in conjunction with this weekend’s annual convention of the National Automobile Dealers Association.

Willisch said he is trying to get as many i3s as he can for the U.S. market which will be the car’s biggest market.


BMW i3 on display at 2013 North American International Auto Show.

Test drive of BMW's i3 finds it is 'shaping up to be a breakthrough electric car. It delivers dynamic thrills like no electric car before it. '

BMW i3 electric car.

The automaker found that range was only a problem with about 10 percent of daily trips, so it is planning to make available its conventional cars as temporary loaners for customers who buy the i3 electric car

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