PHOTO CAPTION: 'Understated' Lexus EH 300h

2014: The Year Electric Cars Become Cool

A stream of new and exciting electric-drive cars are slated to arrive in 2014 that are 'are redefining the electric vehicle as the fashionable choice.'

Published: 12-Feb-2014

“What’s a petrolhead without the petrol, you might ask.

What’s a foot-to-the-floor, tyre-screeching, high-octane racing experience without the cylinders, pistons and injectors which make up the beautiful complexity of a motor vehicle? Where’s the thrill of the drive without a baritone soundtrack blaring from the chrome tailpipes?

Or more realistically, where’s the fun and excitement without the staggering running costs, the toxic by-products and the unwelcome winter break-downs?


Casple Podadera foldable podcar reduces its wheelbase to 74 inches, less than that of a smart car.

Casple Group develops their own folding electric city car in competition with Basque-developed Hiriko.

Air pollution reaches hazardous levels in Beijing.

W. L. Leow analyzes the consumer uptake of electric vehicles compared to other technological innovations, concluding predictions of market failure will join similarly short-sighted pronouncements.

Oxford University robotic Nissan LEAF during testing.

Matthew Yglesias sees the real payoff of electric cars is making them driverless, especially taxis where the only real cost is the price of the fuel, already cheaper than gasoline.


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