PHOTO CAPTION: 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Yes, Republicans Can Drive Hybrids

What Conservatives understand that Liberals don’t is that it’s okay to approach protecting the planet from the standpoint of some return on investment, writes Thomas J. Basile.

Published: 19-Feb-2014

Hi, my name is Tom and I just bought my first hybrid.

When I told a good friend last week that I bought a hybrid vehicle, after a pause he blurted out, “But you’re a Republican! I didn’t think that was something you could do without someone ripping up your membership card.” He was just busting my chops, but perhaps only half kidding.

It’s as stark as the foot of new-fallen snow in my yard that Republicans and Conservatives have a massive perception problem when it comes to environmental policy. No RNC committee of consultants is necessary know that.


Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive logo

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