PHOTO CAPTION: 2014 Ford Focus EV is priced at $36,990 before applicable gov't incentives.

Review: 2014 Ford Focus EV

Kelley Blue Book review of Ford's all-electric,$36,990 Focus, which it concludes while not a 'road warrior' is a 'real car' for shorter commutes.

Published: 04-Mar-2014

There are two schools of thought on EV design, one camp believes in a ground up, purpose-built approach like the Nissan Leaf, while the other takes an existing car and electrifies it, like the 2014 Ford Focus Electric. Both have merit. In the former, you can design the car around the electric motor and battery pack and give it a design totally different from anything else in your line. In fact, some EV owners take pride in driving something that looks different. With the latter, while there may be compromises in packaging, the end result may be a better car that benefits from all the development dollars and engineering expertise that went into the conventional chassis.

Such is the case with the Focus, which, except for badging, looks just like any other Focus out there. Admittedly, from a utility standpoint, the battery pack takes up much of the cargo space in the area beneath the rear hatch. But what the Focus Electric lacks in cargo space or an exterior design specific to the EV technology, it more than makes up in comfort, build quality and driving dynamics. What Ford has done is essentially electrify a well-sorted automobile and it works quite well.

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