Volkswagen Testing 80kWh Lithium Battery Pack

The pack could would provide between three and four times the battery power in a given package

Published: 06-Mar-2014

Volkswagen is bench testing new battery chemistry capable of providing "between three and four times the power" from a given capacity. This would mean up to 80kWh from a similar volume occupied by the current Golf Blue-e-motion's 26.5kWh battery pack.

That's according to Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, VW board member responsible for development. Speaking at the Geneva motor show, he said that the company has tested lithium-ion batteries with its existing cell supplier (Sanyo) with between 24 and 28kWh and also up to 37kWh, but “an 80kWh unit is under development using our own technology. It would provide between three and four times the battery power in a given package.”

Neusser refuses to name the battery chemistry, but doesn’t deny it is a lithium-air unit, which are capable of delivering huge amounts of power, but are in the very early stages of development.


Volkswagen e-Up! electric car

18.7kWh lithium battery gives the e-up! a range of up to 150 km thanks to the car's low weight of 1,185 kg (2,600 lbs.).

Volkswagen e-up! electric car can be recharged to 80 capacity in 30 minutes us CSS system.

VW's first production electric car will be base priced at €26,900 (US$34,615) and has an expected driving range on its 18.7 kWh lithium battery pack of up to 160 km (100 mi).

Volkswagen e-up! reportedly has range up to 100 miles on its 19.7 kWh battery pack.

Two near-production models include the e-up!, seating four, and the larger e-Golf seating five.


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