PHOTO CAPTION: Honda's newest Fuel Cell Concept car.

Honda Planning Increased Production of Fuel Cell Electric Car

Volumes will, however, remain relatively small, reports Thomas Brachmann.

Published: 06-Mar-2014

Although Honda will launch a larger-volume fuel cell vehicle next year, Thomas Brachmann, the carmaker's chief project engineer for powertrain technology, said it foresees a few hurdles to overcome before the technology can become a mass-market option, notably controlling reliability and quality in line with its expectations.

‘The quality of our vehicles is given but with a new technology such as this we have to give it time to achieve the levels of quality and reliability that we want. With small volume production you can control this. For example there are hundreds of cells connected in a series in each fuel cell stack and they all need to work or the car will stop.’ he told news agency Headlineauto.

Brachmann also said infrastructure remains a challenge. Although hydrogen tanks can be refuelled in three or four minutes, these need to be less than 180 miles apart and common enough for there not to be queues at the stations as vehicle numbers increase.


2013 Honda Civic Hybrid uses lithium-ion battery instead of NiMH.

Consumer testing organization found that while the 2009 Civic Hybrid had the highest rate of battery replacements, other models are also suffering premature failures.

Honda Fit EVs now available at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The new Honda Fit EVs are available to all Zipcar members ages 21+ for hourly reservations, starting from $8.75 per hour.

Honda Smart Home illustration.

Aim of the programs is to demonstrate feasibility of running homes and automobiles in concert using solar energy.


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