California Positively Out of the Running for Tesla Battery Plant

Land costs and tax rates said to be determining factors as to why Tesla ruled out California, focusing instead of four other Southwestern states: Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona

Published: 09-Mar-2014

California loves Tesla Motors.

The Palo Alto electric car maker's Model S sedan is the state's new eco-luxury status symbol. Californians bought more than a third of Teslas sold globally last year. Residents of the state pack the order list for Tesla's next offering, a sport utility vehicle.

California pollution-control policies enable Tesla to rake in tens of millions of dollars each year from selling environmental credits to other automakers — a key source of Tesla's revenue.


For same weight, a sodium air battery would give Model S 30 times its current range.

The trouble with sodium-air is its severely curtailed battery cycle life of just eight charges before it needs replacing.

Associate Professor Yi Cui with laboratory-scale demonstration of SLAC/Stanford flow battery.

Stanford-developed battery does not require separating membrane and can be made from relatively inexpensive materials.

LG Chem Holland, Michigan lithium-ion cell fabrication plant.

600,000-square-foot plant was supposed to begin production of batteries for the Chevrolet Volts and the Ford Focus EV by mid-2012.


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