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Are That Many Electric Car Owners in Britain Really Experiencing Buyer's Remorse?

Not if you look at the prices being asked for the supposed 'glut' of used electric cars in England, reports The Green Car Website's Faye Sunderland.

Published: 12-Mar-2014

In what might appear to be fine piece of needlework, The Times last week suggested that there is a glut of second-hand electric cars for sale in the UK, as buyers brave enough to try electric motoring quickly change their minds and look to offload their EVs.

With the uptake of plug-in car grants admittedly falling behind government expectations, The Times article ‘Electric cars for sale: lots of disillusioned owners’ (paywall) hinted that this was evidence that few drivers were tempted to go electric and for those that were; quickly grew to regret their battery-powered purchase.

The article read: “Dealers are reporting large numbers of one-year-old electric and hybrid cars coming on to the market, which may indicate that drivers don’t like their early experiences of low-emissions motoring.”


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