PHOTO CAPTION: If Scootlib follows the example of its predecessors, Matra's e-Mo could be what's deployed in Paris.

Scootlib Aims to Introduce Electric Scooter-share System to Paris

As many as 5,000 electric scooters would be hired out at between € 3 and € 10 per hour in bid to fill transportation gap between Velib bikeshare and Autolib carshare.

Published: 16-Mar-2014

PARIS, France – Up to 5,000 electric scooters could join the 18,600 Vélib rental bikes and 2,000 Autolib’s electric cars on the streets of Paris. It is part of the election program of major candidate Anne Hidalgo.

The Scootlib could fill the gap between the Vélib and Autolib and she says they could be much more attractive to young people. These are now cruising the streets of Paris on 50cc or 125cc machines.

Already in Barcelona and San Francisco


Solar Electric Scooter has range up to 20 miles on 36V battery mounted under PV panel.

Van Nuys-based Solar Electric Scooter's PV panel both charges the 36V lithium battery and serves as rider's platform: top speed is 15 mph.

GoPet electric stand-up scooter.

Hallmark acquires GoPet electric scooters for improve package movement in their underground warehouse outside Kansas City.

Dutch-developed Be.e electric scooter has range up to 60 km

A collaboration of InHolland University of Applied Sciences, NPSP composites, and Van.Eko, the Be.e scooter uses flax and bio-resins for its body.


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