PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla Model S doesn't have an engine under its hood; it has a 'frunk' - front trunk.

CBS Admits It Added Gas Car Engine Noise to Tesla Motors Report

'60 Minutes' again comes under fire, this time for 'error' in dubbing in gasoline engine noise to nearly silent sound of Tesla electric car.

Published: 02-Apr-2014

NEW YORK - CBS News says an editor made an "audio error" in dubbing the sound of a loud traditional car engine over footage of the much quieter Tesla electric car in a "60 Minutes" story that aired Sunday.

Spokesman Kevin Tedesco said Tuesday the loud car audio has been edited out of the online version of the story on Tesla founder Elon Musk. Anchor Scott Pelley reported the story, and CBS said he wasn't aware of the added audio ahead of time.

The revving sound, as opposed to the much quieter windlike noise of a Tesla, was noticed by the auto enthusiast website Writer Robert Sorokanich said it almost sounded like a motorcycle.


Model S all-electric luxury sedan.

Not exactly, writes Brad Plumer on the Washington Post who points out that a closer look at the fine print realistically puts the monthly payment at $1000 a month.

Tesla Model S all-electric luxury Sedan will be part of on-demand access to range of mobility options, including bicycles.

Project 100 plans to utilize 100 Model S electric luxury sedans as part of effort to revitalize downtown Las Vegas.

Elon Musk addressing Texas legislators in Austin. Photo: San Marcos Mercury.

Elon Musk tells Texas legislators that current law forbidding the direct sale of cars by manufacturers to buyers is hurting his business.


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