PHOTO CAPTION: Electric bikes aboard Danube River cruise ship.

E-Bike Market Share Grows in Austria

Like Germany, where conventional bicycle sales have dropped, electric-assist bicycle sales continue to grow with market share rising to 11.3%

Published: 02-Apr-2014

VIENNA, Austria – Like in Germany sales of electric bicycles continued to grow in an Austrian market that suffered from bad spring weather conditions last year. Overall Austrian bicycle sales dropped – compared with 2012 – by 7% to a total of approximately 382,000 units.

The Austrian bike sales statistics are no longer provided by the country's two-wheeler importers and manufacturers' association Arge Zweirad. According to Thalinger Lange GM Frank Schierenbeck and current Arge Fahrrad (a subsidiary of Arge Zweirad) spokesman: "We came to the conclusion that our interests are better represented by VSSÖ." This is Austria's sporting goods association.



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