PHOTO CAPTION: Terrafugia TF-X hybrid flying car concept.

Terrafugia Evaluating Hybrid Flying Car

TF-X concept combines electric VTOL and ICE ducted fan to create a flying car that can take-off and land vertically.

Published: 08-Apr-2014

Ever since the early 1960s when the animated sitcom "The Jetsons" glued humans' eyes to TV screens and filled their minds with whimsical visions of a futuristic space utopia, over the years people have been left asking themselves: "Where's my flying car?"

Point taken, but perhaps now, as our childhood dreams move slowly closer to reality, we should also start pondering this: if a flying car was here today, in the real world and not in the realm of science fiction, would we feel comfortable controlling it safely while cruising thousands of feet up in the air? Would we possess the technical skills required to even get it off the ground, let alone land it without a scratch?


Pipistrel Alpha trainer will get an all-electric propulsion system.

Plans include improve battery for Taurus G2 Electric, along with hybrid versions of the new Panthera and an all-electric version of the Alpha Trainer.

Boeing Sonic Cruiser

Future airplane concepts include all-electric aircraft to electromagnetic launch systems to propel aircraft into the air.

Project Zero tilt-rotor is estimated to have top speed of 500 km/h.

Project Zero is an unmanned tilt-rotor aircraft that is entirely electric, but may eventually be equipped with diesel-electric hybrid power plant.


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