Electric Bicycle Sales in France Follow EU Trend of Double Digit Growth

A total number of 56,000 electric-assist bicycles or pedelecs were sold in 2013 in France; up 17.5% on the 46,000 sold in 2012.

Published: 10-Apr-2014

PARIS, France – On a total market volume of more than 2.7 million bicycles e-bike sales is still relatively small with 56,000 units. However, it’s the only segment that showed double digit growth in a slightly decreasing 2013 French bicycle market.

Electric bicycles were the bright spot on the 2013 French market, despite the fact that sales grew less rapidly than many had hoped for. A total number of 56,000 Vélos Assistance Electrique (VAE) were sold in 2013; up 17.5% on the 46,000 sold in 2012.

Last year the overall French bicycle market declined by 1% only to 2,785,300 units compared to 2012. Thanks to the ongoing increase of the average price to 303 euro in 2013, the total market value of bicycles saw a small dip only of 0.4%.


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