PHOTO CAPTION: Achensa A100 two-seat electric city car runabout.

Taiwan's Pihsiang Introduces Electric City Car, Utility Truck

Scooter maker debuts both a two-seat electric city car plus a flatbed electric utility truck.

Published: 11-Apr-2014

> A Taiwanese company which claims to be number one in the British mobility scooter market has developed a range of two-seater electric cars and light commercial vehicles.

The range of EVs is at present destined exclusively for Europe.


Charging stations like this said to be vulnerable to computer hackers.

Because many public charging stations are networked, this opens up the possibility of their being used by hackers to gain access to encryption keys and even disable local grids.

smartED electric car used in Car2Go car-sharing program in Europe and USA.

AID editor Peter Schmidt contends that rental fleets are becoming the 'dumping ground' for slow-selling electric cars in Europe.

Lexus SUV equipped with Google Self-Driving technology.

Tony Glover sees the mission of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to drive the dirty internal combustion engine into extinction.


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