Biking Proponent Urges Cyclists to Switch to 'Zero Emission' Electric Cars

Jan Heine urges cyclists to transport their bikes to events and venues using 'zero emission' electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF.

Published: 13-Apr-2014

Cycling used to be the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation available, but with recent technological developments, this no longer is the case.

Even though the emissions of riding bikes are small, they are not insignificant. As we cyclists convert carbohydrates into energy to power our legs, we emit CO2. The faster we ride, the higher the emissions. One could think of a cyclist’s nostrils as an exhaust pipe. The mouth forms an auxiliary exhaust, which opens automatically when the emissions exceed the capacity of the primary exhaust.

New technology has brought us a better option. There now are cars with zero emissions (above).


Couple riding electric-assist bicycles.

City is asking, via online survey, what their views are on electric-assist bicycles and mopeds.

Electric-assist bicycles buoy Europe's bicycle market.

Cars sales continue to their fall in Europe, while bicycles - and electric-assist models - continue to outpace by a factor of nearly two-to-one.

Specialized Turbo electric-assist bicycle weighs 50 pounds (22.6 kg).

Antuan Goodwin takes nearly $6,000 electric bike for 11-plus mile test ride at average of 14 mph and says he didn't even break into a sweat.


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