PHOTO CAPTION: BMW Vision Future Luxury electric hybrid concept car.

BMW Debuts Plug-in Concept Car in Beijing

Vision Future Luxury concept car inculcates many of the technologies found in both the i3 and i3 electric cars.

Published: 23-Apr-2014

A BMW concept car revealed at the Beijing Auto Show has given a glimpse of the company’s template for luxury cars of the future.

Lightweight materials, slippery aerodynamics, lasers, and augmented reality all play a part in the BMW Vision Future Luxury, although perhaps the most portentous aspect of the concept is signaled by a small ‘eDrive’ badge on the tailgate and a second ‘fuel’ filler cap that hides a plug socket.

While BMW’s official documentation makes no note of the Vision Future Luxury’s clever powertrain, it’s clear that plug-in hybrid hardware lurks beneath the carbon fiber bodywork. The German automaker is currently readying the technology for a launch in the X5 SUV, giving it an electric range of 20 miles and the potential for sky-high fuel economy, and it’s becoming apparent that electrification will be synonymous with luxury in coming years.


Dr. Willet Kempton (center) explains V2G program to Senator Chris Coons (left) and graduate student, Rodney McGee (right).

Fifteen all-electric Mini-Coopers donated by BMW and originally used in the Mini E pilot lease program, will now be used as part of a vehicle-to-grid demonstration program in Delaware.

BMW e-Minis to be used to provide grid services in PJM Interconnection.

15 BMW Mini Coopers converted by AC Propulsion will be used to provide grid frequency regulation services as part of demonstration program funded by NRG and the University of Delaware.

Carbon fiber-reinforced safety shell of BMW i3 electric car.

In addition to fewer parts, the carbon fiber and aluminum chassis electric car will be 250 to 350 kg (551 to 771 lb) lighter than a comparable electric car.


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