PHOTO CAPTION: Maruti-Suzuki Alto similar to that modeled with a hypothetical hybrid drive.

Hybrids Perform More Efficiently in India, China, US Research Finds

US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that driving a hybrid would achieve fuel savings of about 47-48% over a conventional car in India and about 53-55% in China.

Published: 23-Apr-2014

Hybrid vehicles are significantly more fuel-efficient in India and China than they are in the US, according to new research from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

This disparity in efficiency between the different markets is down to exactly the same qualities that make driving in places like India so frustrating — heavy traffic, aggressive drivers, few freeways, etc. As a result, hybrids (or for that matter EVs) could be of even greater use to those living in crowded urban regions, such as India and China, than to those in more traditional markets.

The new findings are the result of a pair of studies that analyzed real-world driving conditions in great depth. Given the potential importance of the findings it’s not that surprising (and a good sign) that the government of India has already taken note.


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