Homecare Givers in Scotland Run Errands On Electric Bicycles

Gowrie Care Ltd. is providing their in-home caregivers electric-assist bicycles for he numerous short journeys they are required to make.

Published: 25-Apr-2014

Carers at Dundee based home care group Gowrie Care Ltd now have their own electric bicycle, embracing a greener way of working when completing the numerous short journeys they are required to make.

The ‘e-bikes’ are being promoted by Electric Bikes Scotland as a way of helping companies reduce their carbon footprint, as well as promoting a healthier way of carrying out daily tasks.

Chief executive of parent company the Hillcrest Group, Angela Linton, was the first to try out the e-bike and is excited by the development, commenting: “The bicycle will be a great investment for staff. I’ve had a spin round the Technology Park today and was really impressed with how fast it goes. There will be no excuse for staff being late for meetings!”


Specialized Turbo electric-assist bicycle weighs 50 pounds (22.6 kg).

Antuan Goodwin takes nearly $6,000 electric bike for 11-plus mile test ride at average of 14 mph and says he didn't even break into a sweat.

Estonian-built Liberator electric-assist bicycles.

Crafted in Estonia, electric bicycle uses rear hub motor and 3-speed IGH gearing.

Reef Predator Electric Bicycle

Reef Predator features 500W offroad-only motor, combined with Shimano Alivio gearsets and Samsung lithium battery hidden inside the frame.


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