PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz C300 Intelligent Hyrid

Mercedes-Benz C300 Intelligent Hybrid Reads Lay of the land

Mercedes COMAND Online navigation system calculates the 'recuperation potential’ of the road up to seven kilometers in advance.

Published: 27-Apr-2014

New Mercedes-Benz hybrids will now be outfitted with technology that assesses the topography of the road ahead and alters rates of battery energy expenditure and recuperation accordingly.

The system, known as ‘Intelligent HYBRID’, works even when the car’s satellite navigation is switched off and has been developed to help the company’s hybrid cars use as much electrical energy for as much time as possible. With more propulsion provided by the electric motor, less power is needed from the car’s combustion engine to the benefit of fuel economy.

If the car senses a downhill section of road approaching, for example, it will use up as much energy from the battery as possible on approach in anticipation of replenishing it stores through regenerative braking. Mercedes says the the technology uses data from the COMAND Online navigation system to ‘calculate the recuperation potential’ of the road up to seven kilometers in advance.


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