PHOTO CAPTION: BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe.

TEST Drive: BMW i8 Electric Hybrid Sport Coupe

Autocar's Matt Saunders finds the i8 not delivering 'he engaging edge an enthusiast might expect.'

Published: 27-Apr-2014

The BMW i8 is the zen-like, sustainable, low-emissions, petrol-electric, ‘new-premium’ German sports car of the future.

Expressions of concept don’t get much more complicated. But, while the two most important words in that string get crowded out by their louder neighbours, they are undoubtedly ‘sports car’. Or rather they should have been – written in bold, enlarged, indelible type.

Unfortunately – predictably, perhaps – that probably wasn’t quite how it was. Because the i8 turns out to be a car of incredible visual impact, laudably mature execution, and offers a uniquely appealing ownership proposition. But drive it and you won't be acquainting yourself with the undeniable perfect future of the sports car – but instead a £100,000 BMW that doesn't deliver the engaging edge an enthusiast might expect.


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