PHOTO CAPTION: Participants in the WREV project with lineup of Nissan LEAF electric cars.

Electric Cars to Get Rural Trial in England

Businesses across Shakespeare's home county will trial eight Nissan LEAFs and a BMW i3 as part of 12-month Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicles (WREV) project to study how they are utilized.

Published: 29-Apr-2014

Ten rural businesses in Warwickshire have begun 12-month trials of electric vehicles, aimed at assessing the performance and economy of the technology outside an urban setting.

Led by Warwickshire County Council and managed by Greenwatt Technology, the Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicles (WREV) project will study the usage of eight Nissan LEAFs and a BMW i3 by a group of companies spanning sectors including farming, vehicle maintenance, residential care, local deliveries and business services.

Participants, chosen from a group of 20 who undertook initial feasibility studies, each get a grant towards two-year contract hire costs on an electric vehicle through the Defra-funded Warwickshire Rural Growth Network.


Nissan manufactures LEAF electric cars in Japan, the US and the UK.

Trial program will allow 500 Microsoft UK staff members ranging from engineers and senior directors to experience the electric cars.

Nissan FCEV fuel cell SUV concept.

The company plans to offer a plug-in hybrid in 2017, followed by a hydrogen fuel cell car in 2017.

Infiniti JX Hybrid prototype.

Nissan is also finding that while most LEAF purchasers bought its as their second car, most are using it as their first car and that 'range anxiety' is not a problem.


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