PHOTO CAPTION: Terra Motors A4000i Electric Scooter

REVIEW: Terra Motor Electric Scooter Is Nice Ride

Akihabara News reviews Terra Motor's A4000i electric scooter, which will be exported to the Philippines, France, India and possibly Holland.

Published: 29-Apr-2014

Terra Motors, Japan’s very own electric vehicle startup (no stranger to Akihabara News), is preparing to launch their A4000i smartphone-enabled electric scooter this summer, and they recently invited us to the MONO startups space in Tokyo Bay to get up close and personal with it.

The eye of the beholder.

At first glance it looks exactly like its press images. “That’s the point of press images, fool!” cried the readers. Yes, but Press images are usually photoshopped to make the product look better than it actually does. To their credit, Terra Motors has made the A4000i just look as sexy in person as it does online (as sexy as a scooter can be anyway). It has presence. Its design is original enough to stand out amongst other scooters, but traditional enough that nobody would mistake it for anything than what it is. The pearl white did well capturing what little light was available, and the blue accents just work.


GoPet electric stand-up scooter.

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