PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan Invitation concept could point to styling cues for next generation LEAF electric car.

Next Generation Nissan LEAF: Longer Range, More Mainstream Look

Executive VP Andy Palmer sees that the next generation LEAF will need to have 300 km range (186 mi) range and styling that is more mainstream.

Published: 09-May-2014

Nissan Motor Corp. wants its next-generation Leaf electric vehicle to get more mainstream styling and a new battery that greatly increases its range. And Infiniti’s delayed electric car will debut with the improved battery by early 2017.

Nissan executives shed more light on the automaker’s next EVs, saying better range is key to higher sales. Nissan launched the Leaf in December 2010 and has already improved its performance. But engineers are working on a big jump with a revamped battery around 2017.

A new battery chemistry will debut by then for use by Infiniti and Nissan, said Andy Palmer, executive vice president in charge of Nissan’s zero emissions and Infiniti businesses.


Nissan LEAF electric car reaches 25,000 sales milestone in USA in May 2013.

With worldwide sales now more than 62,000, the LEAF can be leased in the USA for $1999 down and $199 a month for 36 months.

Paul Scott is long-time advocate of electric cars.

Co-founder of Plugin America and Nissan car salesman Paul Scott pays equivalent to a LEAF electric car to get two-minutes of President Obama's time at Democratic fundraiser.

10,000th customer in Europe takes delivery of Nissan LEAF electric car.

Paris, France nurse purchases all-electric car after convincing test drive.


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