GM Canceling Hybrid SUVs Continues Industry Trend

Carmakers from GM to Toyota to Mercedes-Benz find few buyers for large hybrids forcing them to rethink engineering plans.

Published: 09-May-2014

Automakers are mostly pulling back from offering gas-saving hybrids in their otherwise most gas-thirsty vehicles. So few were being purchased that automakers are rethinking whether it's worth engineering and offering them.

The latest pullback comes from General Motors, which has dropped the hybrid versions for the new generation of its Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon SUVs.

Too few customers were interested in the Escalade version, even though the hybrid delivered 21 miles per gallon in a mix of city and highway driving, says David Schiavone, Escalade's marketing manager. That was up from a 16 combined rating for the non-hybrid, a 31% boost.


Scandlines Prinsesse Benedikte Hybrid Ferry Ship

Powered by 2.7MWh Corvus lithium polymer battery modules, the Princess Benedikte ferry refit represents the conversion of a former diesel electric ferry to a more fuel efficient, greener vessel.

Electric-assist bicycles gaining popularity in Europe.

Ride a bicycle two days out of the week, instead of driving your car, and you'll be averaging better fuel economy than a Toyota Prius, argues Jonathan Lansey.

BMW Series 7 ActiveHybrid is among the 'trickle' of hybrids being sold in Gulf region.

Customers express concerns about battery life and have fewer incentives available to help reduce the upfront purchase price of hybrids.


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