PHOTO CAPTION: BMW's second generation electric car, the ActiveE was leased to drivers in the USA.

BMW Begins Crushing Its ActiveE Electric Cars

Intended as technology development platforms, the converted Series 1-based electric cars served as a bridge between Mini-E program and BMW i-Series production cars.

Published: 23-May-2014

It’s like every EV advocate’s personal idea of hell: a truck load of crushed electric cars making their way down the freeway to meet their metal-clad maker. After the untimely crushing of hundreds of perfectly functioning GM EV1, Honda EV Plus many other first-generation electric cars just over ten years ago, it’s also something we had all hoped was relegated to the history books.

Not all ActiveEs are being crushed, some 70 are being used in BMW's DriveNow carshare scheme in San Francisco Bay area.
Yet yesterday, history repeated itself. And this time, it wasn’t GM, Toyota, Honda or Ford sentencing perfectly functioning electric cars to death: it was German automaker.

Just as BMW was celebrating the delivery of its first BMW i3 REx range-extended EV to BMW electronaut Tom Moloughney it was simultaneously in the process of sending its much-loved ActiveE lease vehicle to an early grave.


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