PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan's newest EV, the e-NV200 all-electric delivery van in FedEx livery.

'Skip the Gas, Save the Cash' : Study Finds $16k in EV Fleet Savings

Plug-In BC study finds that operating electric vehicles over fixed fleet routes save an estimated $16,000 per vehicle.

Published: 18-Jun-2014

The average car spends about 95 percent of a 24-hour day parked.

For the 5 percent that they're driven, they actually spend one-third of the time idling–at red lights, stuck behind leisurely left-turners, or even while the driver waits for the vehicle to warm up (or cool down) before getting in.

In other words, private automobiles spend only 3 percent of their time actually mobile.


Mitsubishi has reportedly also cut the price of its 'i' model electric car.

Nissan's aggressive price cutting on the LEAF has spurred competitors to follow suite and suddenly demand for electric car is outpacing supply, write Brad Tuttle for Time.

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Pew Charitable Trusts' director of clean energy Phyllis Cuttino calls for greater effort by the federal government to assist in the spread of electric vehicles.

2011 Chevrolet Volt saw a 49% drop from its original MSRP.

Steep depreciation attributable to few consumers willing to purchase a credit-ineligible, used plug-in electric vehicle for more than they would pay for a new one, less the federal tax credit.


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