PHOTO CAPTION: Olympic skating champion Katerina Witt enjoys ride on C-Evolution electric scooter.

Review: BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter

The £13,500, 265kg C evolution electric scooter reportedly has a real world range of around 60 miles based on test drives in Barcelona.

Published: 23-Jun-2014

As the first electric model from a major motorcycle manufacturer, BMW’s C evolution scooter is a significant machine. But it faces the considerable challenge of igniting the market for battery-powered biking.

It is five years since the Isle of Man’s inaugural TT Zero race for electric bikes, which triggered a flurry of interest and was followed by US firm Zero launching a range of electric roadsters. But Zero pulled out of the UK last year after selling only a handful of bikes.

The C evolution has the advantage of having been developed alongside the firm’s recently released i3 electric car. Its bodywork hides a large aluminium box that contains three of the eight lithium-ion battery cells that power the i3.


Dutch-developed Be.e electric scooter has range up to 60 km

A collaboration of InHolland University of Applied Sciences, NPSP composites, and Van.Eko, the Be.e scooter uses flax and bio-resins for its body.

Motit electric scooter used in Barcelona scooter share program.

Scooter share program currently operates with 50 Motit electric scooters that require the user to be 21 years of age or older and hold a license to drive a 125cc scooter or car. Rental for single trip costs €0.5.

Stigo Electric Scooter folds for easy transport

Powered by 250W motors the 17kg Stigo has top speed of 25km/h and will sell for €2,370.


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