PHOTO CAPTION: Smart e-Bike costs £2,500 in the UK.

Product Reviews Daimler's Smart eBike

While Product Review finds the smart e-Bike heavy, it also finds its key strength is its Mercedes-like quality.

Published: 14-Jul-2014

When we were approached to review the Smart eBike we jumped at the chance, as we have admired this electric bike (of sorts) for some time now and often wondered how practical it would be. Before we get going, you should know that this is not a fully electric bike, but rather one that adds assistants to make life easier

You need to put some of those cheaper electric bikes to the back of your mind for two reasons, the technology is much different, and so is its design, as it is very stylish, although to make it look much better the mudguards would need to go. However, this would be a bit of an issue seeing as though this is where some of the wires have been hidden.

The one thing that we noticed was how this bike was themed to look like some of the Smart car range. The one we had was white with some green accents, although there is a dark grey with orange option as well. The frame is medium in size and has a height adjustable seat, which I had to lower all the way to the bottom.


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