PHOTO CAPTION: Christine Hughes sits on frame of Zephyr electric motorcycle.

University of Calgary Team Zeus Looking to Fund Racing E-Cycle

Team Zeus is aiming for a top speed of 160 km/h and a range of 20-30 kilometers. They hope to raise $25,000CAD from Kickstarter campagin.

Published: 23-Jul-2014

The most interesting University of Calgary student union club is called Team Zeus. It’s only three years old but these undergrads are building an electric racing motorcycle.

“For me I’ve always been really fascinated with electric vehicles. I like the idea of being involved with a new up and coming industry… There are still huge advancements being made every year,” says Siegfried Baumann, the past president of the group.

“I feel like if I worked with regular gasoline motorcycles I could work my entire life as engineer to increase the efficiency by one percent. Where as with electric vehicles it’s doubling every year, it’s a very exciting time.”


Isle of Man will see electric motorcycles race, head-to-head, with petrol models.

2014 will mark the first-ever presence of electric motorcycles in a FIM-sanctioned gas bikes event during the The Southern 100 Road Races in July.

Saroléa SP7 will be racing during the 2014 TT Zero competition on the Isle of Man.

Carbon fiber frame and 130 kW electric motor can accelerate the bike from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds.

e-Bretti electric scooter

Navigant Research sees more than a million electric motorcycles being sold annually by 2023 and electric scooter sales totally upwards of 4.6 million units.


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