PHOTO CAPTION: Limited edition Energica Ego electric superbike carries price tag comparable to baseline for Tesla Model S.

While Harley's LiveWire Remains A Future Unknown, Energica's Ego Is Here & Now

According to Harley Davidson, the future of their LiveWire prototype will depend on both technology and market response, but for Modena, Italy's Energica, they're ready to roll now with the Ego, but be prepared to sticker shock.

Published: 24-Jul-2014

It seems that Harley-Davidson Inc (HOG) has found a tough competitor even before its electric motorcycle — Project Livewire — hits the market. Energica, a company based in the Italian city of Modena, will start offering electric motorcycles to bike lovers in early 2015. Moreover, Energica has identified North America as a key market.

Harley entered the electric motorcycle market by unveiling its first electric motorcycle last month. The company reported disappointing results yesterday due to weak sales in the Americas region. It is now counting on its electric-bike segment to offset the weakening sales of its flagship-bike product line in coming years.

Energica is a subsidiary of the CRP group that is famous for manufacturing customized parts for Formula One, NASCAR, and other racing associations. The group decided to start manufacturing an end-user product and chose electric motor bikes as a category ripe for entry. Ego is the first Italian electric superbike.


Energica Ego electric superbike will debut in San Francisco, July 18, 2014

The official cities and dates for the test drive tour are: San Francisco July 18th (with exclusive launch event on July 16th at Wingtip Club), Los Angeles July 20th and New York, NY (Bear Mountain) July 30th.

Energica Ego carries base price of $40K.

Compared to top-of-the-line Ducata Superbike at $25,000, the Energica Ego has a base price of $40,000USD.


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