PHOTO CAPTION: All carbon-fiber, 500W Velocite weighs just 32 lbs.

Dresden University, Lightweight Collaborate on 14.5kg Super E-Bike

All-carbon fiber electric bicycle is powered by 500W electric motor and hidden lithium-ion battery giving it a top speed as high as 100 km/h.

Published: 11-Sep-2014

There’s always lots of electric bikes at Eurobike. Lots and lots and lots. From folding bikes to road bikes to mountain bikes to fat bikes, everything gets a motor fitted by someone. One place we weren’t expecting to find one, however, was the Lightweight stand. You know, the purveyors of German carbon über lightness that make the posh wheels and the Urgestalt frameset.

But there it was: the Velocité. We spoke to Lightweight’s Frank Jeniche about the bike, which is a collaboration between Lightweight and Dresden University, funded by a German state project on urban mobility.

“We did all of the design stuff, everything in carbon fibre”, he told us. “We were also responsible for the motor design and management. One of the institutes [at the University] was a specialist in electronics so they helped us out with that. One of the other institutes was a specialist in carbon fibre testing, so that was their part. In the end what we have here is a technology demonstrator that shows what could be possible in the future.”


Lishen's VP wasn't the only dignitary at 2013 Eurobike. Germany Chancellor Merkel inspects a Winora e-bike.

Lishen's executive vice president Richard Liang attended the 2013 Eurobike show with the mission of investigating the electric-assist bicycle market.

Falco HX electric bike equipped with 750W motor, battery and throttle control.

Three-component, universal kit includes 750W 5-Phase motor with built-in controller, 11.6Ah lithium-ion battery and choice of thumb or twist throttle.

E-bike sales grew 15 percent in France in 2012, while regular bicycle sales dropped 9 percent.

Electric-assist bicycle sales in Germany are expected to grow 13% in 2013, with their market share growing all around Europe.


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