Denza Electric Car Represents New Type of China Partnership

Joint venture between Daimler and China's BYD produced its first product, the Denza electric car sedan over the course of four years.

Published: 31-Oct-2014

BYD Daimler New Technology Company, which trades as Denza, represents a new model for joint ventures in China's electric vehicle market but whether the model will be able to translate into a sizeable market share remains to be seen.

Compared with other auto joint ventures, the company is somewhat of an outlier. It is the first and only joint venture in China that is focused solely on new energy vehicles, and its CEO Lian Yubo said, "To develop a car model on our own is unprecedented in China's joint ventures."

Since the 50:50 research and development joint venture started in 2010, its plan to launch its own electric vehicle has been pushed back repeatedly.


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