PHOTO CAPTION: Airbus E-Fan electric fan aircraft prototype in flight.

The Approaching Age of Electric Flight

Russian Television article highlights developments in electric-powered aircraft, including a research project involving a Tu214.

Published: 15-Nov-2014

Fuel-thirsty and noisy modern aviation has been pushing for more efficient and quieter engines, and electric aircraft may provide the answer. XXI century technology has made them possible, and commercial electric planes are in the pipeline.

For most people the idea of ??an electric aircraft conjures up images of awkward constructions with a large wingspan, covered with solar panels.

The idea of ??using cheap solar energy for aviation has always been extremely popular among environmentalists, and electric aircraft have set some previously unimaginable records.


Silent Falcon depicted in flight over White Sands, New Mexico.

25 lb. Silent Falcon UAS has 6 to 12 hour flight endurance using advanced solar power and energy storage system.

Light sport aircraft like this Pipistrel Alpha would be impacted by proposed FAA order.

Draft order would impose restrictions on several class of general aviation aircraft, including electric-powered models, restricting the areas they could operate.

Sunseeker Duo uses 25kW electric motor, lithium batteries and 1,510 solar cells to fly on sunlight.

Eric Raymond and his team in Italy test fly the successor to the Sunseeker II, a solar-powered twin-seat aircraft that can cruise for up to 12-hours.


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