99% of Brits Survey Say They Aren't Interested in Buying An Electric Car

PwC survey of 500 British drivers finds that while 99% of them says they're won't consider buying an electric car, 13% are interested in hybrids.

Published: 26-Nov-2014

99% of people looking for new cars wouldn’t consider buying an electric car and only 13% are interested in buying a hybrid vehicle, according to a PwC survey of 500 drivers.

Phil Harrold, partner in the automotive practice at PwC, said: “Customers expect manufacturers to shoulder the burden of ensuring their next car has minimal impact on the environment, but they remain less likely to opt for hybrids or electric cars themselves.

“The demands and preferences of the drivers clearly highlight the dilemma faced by car manufacturers. Customers are conservative when it comes to their choice of car, yet expect innovation from manufacturers to help protect the climate. The challenge facing manufacturers is to change the primary concern in buyers' minds from cost to conservation."


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