PHOTO CAPTION: Conceptual illustrations of what Hyperloop transport might look like.

800 MPH Hyperloop Transport Thought Both Feasible and Fundable

JumpStartFund founder Dirk Ahlborn not only thinks Elon Musk's Hyperloop concept is technically feasible, he thinks he can raise the funds to build it.

Published: 23-Dec-2014

The chief executive of a company attempting to deliver a transport system that could send commuters from Los Angeles to San Francisco at speeds of up to 800mph says he is confident of securing the funding needed to turn the project from a pipe dream into a viable transit option for Californians.

Dirk Ahlborn believes his California-based startup JumpStartFund will be able to develop the Hyperloop project, which would take travellers from LA to San Francisco in 35 minutes (current driving time? About six hours). He told Wired this week: “I have almost no doubt that once we are finished, once we know how we are going to build and it makes economical sense, that we will get the funds.”

The journey began in August 2013 when Elon Musk announced his next project. The South Africa-born tech investor, who made a fortune from PayPal and had gone on to co-found electric sports car brand Tesla, as well as competing with Nasa, said he was planning to revolutionise travel within the US. His idea was Hyperloop, a solar-powered transportation system that would fire people across the country in pods, using a network of tubes, which would travel at speeds of up to 800mph. He claimed it would mean commutes between San Francisco and LA would only take 35 minutes, and cost around $30.


Proposed Hyperloop network for North America

Wired talks at length with the group behind HTT/JumpStartFund who are intent in making Elon Musk's transport system a reality.

HTT illustration of full-scale hyperloop transporter

Elon Musk announces he will build a Hyperloop test track, in all probability somewhere in Texas and what he tweeted might just be a tip-off on how extensive it will be.

Illustrated view of proposed hyperloop test track in California along side Interstate 5.

Hyperloop Transportation Technology have secured land writes in central California to construct 5-mile test track near Interstate 5.


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