PHOTO CAPTION: Innvelo Three electric three-wheel runabout.

Leipzig Design Group Develops Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle

Form und Drang of Leipzig, Germany revealed their prototype two-seat electric runabout, going from concept to working model in three years.

Published: 03-Feb-2015

Started in 2011 for their Munich-based client ICM, Leipzig, Germany-based Form und Drang, last Fall revealed their working concept for a two-seat, three-wheeled urban electric runabout. Powered by a pair of 3.2kW rear wheel motors, the vehicle has a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and range on a single charge projected to be around 100 km.

The team of young designers goal was to create an affordable vehicle that can be configured in three different versions: what they call a 'commercial' model, a 'racing' model, and a 'work' model designed for small parcel delivery. For their inspiration they use a honey bee, a wasp, and a bumblebee, respectively. The target price for the vehicle is between €10,000 and €15,000 or the current U.S. dollar equivalent of between ($11,290 and $16,935).

Media and partner rides last fall demonstrated that the three-wheeler is safe to operate and doesn't need a complex leaning suspension in turns. According to the Formunddrang website, the team was continually asked if it could lean into turn. After a while...

"They stopped counting how often people are faced with such anxious thoughts. We got the opportunity to try out the driving behavior personally. And? It was a breathtaking and above all safe feeling."

Below is a Vimeo stop-motion video the team produced to illustrate how they used tape to create a full-sized illustration of the Innvelo Three. It's a cheap, quick way to conceptual the layout of the vehicle. What happens now isn't known at this point.

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